Tracy Hicks Ampirical Solutions

"Thank you..."

Thank you for your outstanding customer service!

Eric Rigby Rigby Financial Group, New Orleans, LA

"Taking the best care of our valuable data..."

Our company is based on electronic data. Ener Systems designed, implemented and maintains the backups of our valuable data and our disaster recovery plan. Our minds are put to ease knowing Ener Systems is taking the best care of our valuable data. We have not lost any data under the care of Ener Systems.

Robin Sowder Kenner, LA

"Ener Systems has it all under control..."

I never have to think or worry about IT anymore. Ener Systems has it all under control. My experience so far with Ener Systems has been nothing but amazing; they have consistently gone above and beyond our expectations. René, the technician that works with us from Ener Systems is one of the best engineers that I've ever worked with. He is forward thinking and plans out what we're going to need in the months and years to come instead of thinking only quick fix and short term. He's taken care of everything and it really has made my life a heck of a lot easier. The capabilities they bring to the table are everything we were looking for. They are dedicated, very professional and always available. There hasn't been one time that I have called Ener Systems where I didn't get a prompt response. I've called him late in the evening and early in the morning outside of normal business hours and they're always available and willing to help in whatever I need.

James B. Johnson M.D.

"Always delivers as promised!"

We have confidence in Ener Systems and complete confidence in their suggestions and recommendations when it comes to our own improvement of technology. Ener Systems always delivers as promised! René is the only computer consultant who will tell you the truth and give you real solutions that work the way they are supposed to. I cannot say enough good things about them!

Msgr. Martin vanderWerff New Orleans, LA

"Always looking out for my best interest..."

WOW! That is all I can say about René and the team at Ener Systems. It's so nice to know that my entire network is handled so I can focus on my business. I've worked with a number of other computer consultants in the past and no one can touch their level of service or expertise. Ener Systems does things differently. Instead of simply resolving the issue at hand with a temporary fix, they give me options that will enhance functionality. Ener Systems is always looking out for my best interest. I have the peace of mind knowing I have someone to call who will get us back up and running ASAP if something goes down. You almost can't put a price on it. I trust Ener Systems and have a personal relationship with the owner. That's important to me because it gives me confidence that I can completely trust her.

Lynne Hefti Marrero, LA

"I certainly have no qualms about recommending them..."

Ener Systems is Very Sensitive to the Fact that We Don't Have the Big Bucks to Spend on IT; They Bend Over Backwards to Make Something Work without a Huge Outlay of Cash. René, my contact at Ener Systems, always knows what's going on with my network and does a lot of the maintenance and support in the background so we aren't interrupted. Sometimes I just cannot believe how on top of things they are! I remember calling or sending René an e-mail on a Saturday night and he responded to me immediately. I don't even remember what the issue was but he was on it – I mean he was right there! If I decide that I need to reset my server, he's on the phone with me telling me my server is down! It's all done remotely and that's very convenient for us. If there's something that goes wrong, I call and explain what the problem is and he has it fixed either by phone remotely or sends a technician in to take care of it and in a very timely fashion. I certainly have no qualms about recommending them.

Dianne Boan Kenner, LA

"You ALWAYS provide us with excellent service."

I want you to know how much I appreciate all your help with our many issues. You are very skillful in the way you handle me and all my "special" situations. In addition, you ALWAYS provide us with excellent service.

Greg Klemp General Manager
Tchefuncta Country Club, Covington, LA