Getting Rid of Unplanned Work …So that Others May Prosper

Today Not Tomorrow

ES clients trust that we will support their needs today, and we believe that important tasks should be done today and not wait for tomorrow. While we understand that there are only so many hours in a day, we also understand that sometimes our clients cannot wait until tomorrow for support.  Why put off today, what can be done tomorrow?

Own the problem

ES believes that responsibility begins with each and every one of us. A Culture of Responsibility means taking ownership of your actions and of the results. It is an act of respect for our clients and for our colleagues. It defines us as individuals and ultimately will define us as a company worthy of the trust and loyalty of our clients and deserving of the respect of our peers.

Do the right thing

ES believes that you should never miss an opportunity to do the right thing. We always strive to deliver our best efforts, achieve the best quality results and to provide the greatest value for our clients. Sometimes this means advising that project objectives may be unrealistic or perhaps even unachievable. It also means to make things right and, when appropriate, to go above and beyond our mandate for our clients.

Respect the Individual

We value every team member and all of our clients. We want to provide a pleasant and productive environment to work in. We seek team members, and clients, with ethical standards that meet or exceed those of ES.

Give more than we get today – Expect nothing in return

Doing something nice for another person is always appreciated and even more-so when there is nothing expected in return. ES goes the extra mile for a client or team member, because it is the right thing to do.